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Ah, I have been feeling the same things! I live in the bay area and I've been trying to figure out how she's doing as well. I just wish there was something, something so that we could know what prayers to send up!

I hope she turns up soon.


I too have been worrying, googling, etc. I did find her MySpace page, on which her last login is dated 11/4/2007. That doesn't really mean much, though, because she states in her profile: "what i'm *not* is a myspace addict, so forgive me if i'm on only sporadically."


I too search all the time for an update. I live on the east coast but was in San Francisco the weekend her first column was published. Ever since then I read all the columns and then all of the blogs online. I'm ashamed to admit this, but I find myself getting annoyed that there are no updates. But then I remind myself that she has no obligation to anyone but herself. I hope during this time she's just focused on herself and getting her health back.


Thats how I found your site. I am really hoping she is ok!!! I loved reading her stuff.

Linda Lee

I too landed here trying to find out how Alicia R. Parlette is doing. I read all of her story in the SF Chron and wish she would update the blog and where is she now?
She was going to write a book too she mentioned at some point.
I hope she or someone who knows her will post something online so all of us who followed her riveting story can know how she is doing.
I hope you are well Alicia!


I also have been following Alicia's story and found your blog. Since she has gone public with her suffering with cancer, it is not doing the public any good by withholding information of her updated condition. As a person who has survived loved ones with cancer, I know that any kind of closure, or any information at all, can only help those of us to continue to live on. Publishing the reality is the only way to have peace. I hope this inspires the truth.


I followed Alicia's story as well. I was thinking about her too so I sent a note to the SF Gate to ask them. Here's their response:
Thanks for writing. We understand your interest in Alicia's well-being. Her stories of hope and challenge touched many people, both inside and outside the paper. For awhile after Alicia stopped working she was able to continue communicating to readers through her personal blog. Now, though, she has decided to forego the postings. As much as we'd like for her to maintain the effort, we also feel we have to respect her decision and her privacy.


Maybe someone close to her felt uncomfortable with how much was out there for the world to see. Maybe she was the one who was uncomfortable. There are so many things that could have happened.

Thank you Ana :)


Alicia's church is St. Dominic's Catholic Church in San Francisco. She is listed there in "pray for the sick" section. I am glad to know she is still alive.

I think about her all the time.


I am puzzled and disappointed by the San Francisco Chronicle’s failure to step in with even the most rudimentary of explanations to Alicia's readers.

Surely, at some point, the editors could have managed something along the lines of: “Alicia Parlette has communicated to us her intention to discontinue her blog for personal reasons. We wish to thank all those who have followed her story from the beginning and who have sent messages of encouragement to Alicia during her struggle.”

I realize that Alicia's situation may have made it impossible for her to keep up with the blog, or that -- for whatever reason -- she may simply prefer the status of her health to remain private from now on. Given, however, that (as one reader of her blog commented a long while back) folks were invited into Alicia’s life not only by Alicia herself, but by the Chronicle. They are owed at least a cursory explanation for having been shown the door.

Ida Clair

At least her wiki page doesn't like a date of death.

Ida Clair

...LIST a date of death.


Heather Sprenger

I discovered Alicia's story early this year and I, too, was concerned when she stopped writing to her blog in March 2007. Someday I hope to hear how she is. My heart goes out to her.


St Dominic's has her listed in pray for the Sick on October 19, 2008.


Damn. I too, have worried about Alicia as if I were a worried parent (I swear I can hear the proverbial "key in the door" of which you speak...). I even left the US from May to November, and, following the "watched pot never boils" theory, thought I might return to see copious postings (or 1, at least...) on her blog...but no! better yet, thank you Google, when I type in "sfgate" to go to the Chronicle web page, it seems to have "Alicia's blog" permanently etched in my URL history.

Sometimes I am indignant that she has not kept us better informed about what is going on. Naturally, once one realizes that is a conscious thought, one feels a bit ridiculous -- expecting such things from someone who is essentially a stranger.


This St. Dominic bulletin from 12/14/08 has her listed in pray for our sick.



News on Alicia: http://www.mksluckysocks.com/MK_McKowns_Lucky_Socks/MKs_Journal/Entries/2008/11/16_Entry_1.html


I, have also come here looking for Alicia. My husband, Jonathan May also was diagnosed with Alveolar Soft Part Sarcoma, in 2006. I remember when I first met him I researched his disease on the internet and came across Alicia's website. I wonder if she was able to find something to work for her. If you would like to read his blog, visit www.jonnymay.org

Friend of Alicia's

Hi All,
I know many of you are interested in Alicia's health and are wondering how she is doing. I just wanted to provide a small update as a friend of hers. She is doing well, the cancer is currently stable and she is on a clinical trial that seems to be working for her. She certainly appreciates the prayers and thoughts for her concern. Keep them coming!

Concerned reader

Thank you for the update. I'm the same age as Alicia; I followed her story when I lived in the Bay Area; I live in Maryland now, but I still think about her often, and wonder how she's doing. My thoughts are with her.


i am the same age as Alicia; i am from France and i used to live in SF when i started to read her story.I moved back to france ,travelled around the world, then moved to Canada where i currently live now. I know that tons of people pray for her and i wanted to let her know that she travelled the world with me, in my heart.
I hope for the best for Alicia.


I followed Alicia's story and I wonder how she is doing. Glad to hear that she is in a clinical trail study and is doing well. She is our hearts and thoughts. Alicia you have touch the hearts of numerous people some of us are cancer patients and some are not. Keep strong.


Thoughts with you, Alicia.

erin whitney

As of today, 8/13/09, she is still listed in her church's bulletin as Prayer for the Sick...just thought you might want to know.

Judy S

Just found this article (through wikipedia link): http://nevadasagebrush.com/blog/2009/09/01/one-alum%E2%80%99s-battle-with-cancer/

It was written in September, 2009, and, at the time, she was seeking help with money for treatment. I have the same obsession as the rest of you, which is why I was searching. I want to know she's ok.

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